Burying an old friend

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Today I've accompanied my old friend on his last journey.

Good bye, old friend, you've served me well. Together we've been to places I couldn't reach alone.

Most of the time you were carrying me, but sometimes I had to walk with you.

We've met four years ago, and you've never betrayed me since then - even when some part of you broke - it always was in most convenient time and place, and never - in the middle of the forest late in the evening.

Oh well, old friend, now your journey continues without me - after your metal parts get recycled, you'll turn up in something else.

In a car, or maybe in a plane. You've always wanted to fly, we know it!

Anyway, old bike is dead long live new bike! This one. (archive.is link | the other one) Note: I've bought it for a price somewhere between these two.