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These are the guys who are spamming me the most.

Their emails are usually claim to be from Google and are about me winning some ridiculous prize.

Most notable about these emails is a 1 Mb jpeg file with text which looks like this. Other interesting things are using "Zimbra" mailer, hiding recipients, and using email address in their Reply-To header.

This page serves as a collector of all email addresses they sent me so far. I'm not sure why do I need them, though.

"From" addresses (these addresses emails claim coming from):

"" addresses (these addresses replys should be sent to):

"" addresses (these addresses are mentioned there in the jpeg):

And some more:

Comment from Anastasia Bengtsson:

Well, you should be flattered to get all the attention ;)

My reply:

Yes... Quite often I receive a message which passes all technical checks and has a signature of a webmail client. Then I realize that there was some real person who spent at least few seconds of his or her life to send it... And then I feel sad for those people who have to live such miserable lifes :(

And her reply:

It is still better than sitting and begging (archived version) outside of the entrance to a subway station in Oslo :)