Space 0: Idea

Created: 2017-04-12 — modified: 2017-04-15 — tags: Space

What I want to create and what to base on

There is a game I want to create. Idea is heavily borrowed from Rodina game (Nice game for those having background in Slavic languages ;-) ).

And that's what I want to create: a game about space, where you can:

  • control both player and a spaceship
  • control them at the same time
  • look outside of the spaceship while being inside it
  • walking inside ship
  • walking on the ship surface
  • free fly (outside of the ship)
  • other ships
  • ship-to-ship combat
  • combat onboard the ship
  • combat on the ship surface
  • maybe even landing on planets

Of course, this game will be more fun to create then to play, but I don't expect anyone else to play it :)

As a 0-th step, I plan to base it on babylon.js and start with this babylon.js demo:

Demo placeholder

(click the image to go to actual demo page. Use mouse to look around)