A ship in deep space ignored you, but you didn't see it.
You see a ship. They don't see you. Would you like to approach them?
Ship didn't want to trade and flew away.
A ship approaches you and offers to trade.
They want to buy up to RocketsFuel from you. They offer one Fuel Rocket for each one. How many would you agree to trade?
Ship is going to attack you. Your actions?
Ship is attacking you. Your actions?
Enemy surrendered and opened their cargo bays for you. Take what you want!
Your opponent took all they wanted and left victorious. But at least you survived, and you still have your ship!
You've arrived to a space station. It offers you a job: transfer boxes to the next station and get a reward. Required cargo bay will be provided free of charge.
You've arrived to a space station. It would offer you a job, but you don't have enough available cargo space! A free cargo bay can't be provided this time, since you already have enough of them. Free some cargo space in order to accept job offers! Hint: you can lose some cargo by attacking other ships.
You've delivered cargo to a space station. Choose a reward: or
You've arrived to a space dock. Here you can somewhat reorganize components of your ship. For a price of 1 cargo item, you can move one of components to the tail of your ship. Pay with:
You've arrived to a stats board. Here you can see your progress.