space 2d 2: first UI with a view on horribly unbalanced economy

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It's playable now… if you can call it that :-)

Continuation of my previous game about 2-dimensional space with trading, buildings, and empires. Worth checking above link first, if you haven't read it yet.

Now there are some UI controls: on first tab you can fly between planets, buy and sell cargo, expand your ship. Second tab (if you're lucky and rich enough) lets you place bids to own buildings. Third tab is not implemented yet - there you will be able to control planets you own. In this version you can't own planets, but you can own buildings, and they will bring you money which you can use to trade - although currently it's rather hard to achieve without cheats.

Cheats? Ask me about them!

To see current state of the game, click here.

Balance issues

Currently, there are two main issues with game balance:

First, often prices on neighbouring planets are insanely different, up to several thousand in local currency - thus giving you a multi-thousand profit per one trip. Although maybe it's not that bad by itself, it still looks rather crazy.

Second, planets don't react when you dump lots of cargo on them (esp on those planets with insanely high prices - my favourite are border planets with 3,3,7 quality) - neither in prices, nor in what buildings they're building.

This will be addressed in future updates.

Any more thoughts?

If you read all the way down here, please drop me a line, since it seems nobody reads my blog anyway :)