space2d3 3: radar, planets, and other ships

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Now your ship can have a "radar" component, where you can look at a star system

Note that it's not exactly the same star system where your ship is, since you won't find your own ship there! The star and planets code is taken from space2d2 game. Also, AI ships are pretty dumb and simply "imitate furious activity" by travelling semi-randomly from one planet to another. You might also notice that time flies only when you're looking at the radar :)

Your Ship
Space to store come cargo.
It contains:
    It is empty
    Extra weight added here to compensate component on the other side
    Helps you walk around the ship.
    Hint: use WASD to walk around. If it doesn't work - click here, change keyboard language to English or disable CapsLock
    Lets you get from one ship to another. You can also your ship from theirs.
    Here you can see a star system: