space2d3 5: Trading stuff

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Ok, it's actually barter, but now you have a reason to travel.

Bases (and occasionally your ship, too) now have Trading Computer component, which let you trade when you're docked to a station.

Sometimes you don't have the resource that your current planet wants - in that case you might want to try visiting another planet. Navigation Computer (helpfully installed on every station, and sometimes on your own ship, too) helpfully shows you which resource each planet wants and which one it offers in exchange. To see what cargo you have, you'll have to explore your own ship (yes, walk) and check each Cargo Bay individually.

When you have more than one unit of resource that the current planet is interested in - you can select how many you want to sell them. And then you might notice that after some value the planet start giving you more than 1 unit of resource per each unit that you offer them!

If you happen to find two planets, where first one offers you resource A in exchange to resource B, and another one - vise versa - then you can have a nice business running between these two planets! But only until you run out of free cargo space. Oh well.

Note that your ship, its cargo and components, and the whole star system are regenerated randomly each time you reload this page, so if you can't find a good trading opportunity - you can simply reload the page and hopefully new one will be better!

day ()
Space to store come cargo.
It contains:
    It is empty
    Extra weight added here to compensate component on the other side
    Helps you walk around the ship.
    Hint: use WASD to walk around. If it doesn't work - click here, change keyboard language to English or disable CapsLock
    Lets you get from one ship to another.
    You need to have a planned trip before you can undock.
    You can to start your trip.
    Here you can see your current star system:
    Makes your ship harder to detect and scan
    None to trade with.
    You have nothing to offer this planet
    Give this planet .
    You will receive .
    Warning: amount of cargo you're getting is limited by amount of your free cargo space
    You don't have enough space to take more cargo
    This planet offers you free of charge.