Vim prank

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An idea for an evil prank on your Vim-loving friend.

TL;DR: in most other editors same effect is achieved by the following sequence: Ctrl+A Del Ctrl+S Alt+F4.

I noticed that there are quite few posts on the Internet about ggdGZZ (or ggdG:wq!, which is effectively the same). As a second-time Vim newcomer, I feel obliged to make a post about it. Command explanation: So next time your nerdy friend leaves Vim open and looks away for a few seconds — rush to it, smash in ggdGZZ and run away!
Pro Tip: don't use <Caps Lock> button to start writing capital letters — some nerds like to remap it to something else.
Warning! Do not do it if you're not ready to cope with consequences!

Super-pro tip: if you're Pro Vim user having Vim newbie nearby, use ggg?G on him, optionally followed by ZZ. It's much less destructible — same command returns text back to readable form.