DOS games in your browser

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Classic which can never be forgotten is just few clicks away.

Thanks to the power of modern computers, we can run old-good DOS games directly inside a modern web browser!

There are numerous websites for that. First of them is featuring such games as "Prince of Persia", "Alley cat", "Dangerous Dave 2", "Pacman", and even Doom and Doom 2! in a nice DOS-like interface.

Another website is, which tries to do the same with more "scientific" approach, and has much more games (most of which I don't know) although I haven't looked into it yet.

And what are your favourite childhood games? Feel free to write me an email (address at the bottom of the page) - your response, if you like, will appear below here!

Sources:, (both in Russian)

Comment from Anastasia Bengtsson:

Cool, I'll check it out later. Don't you like DOSBox? I've enjoyed playing Prehistoric, the Legend of Kyrandia: Hand of Fate, The Settlers and one more game - a strategy that reminds me a bit of AOE, there were giants, Valkyries, wizards. It was really good, too bad I forgot the name.

I've noticed that you play only old games, isn't it a bit boring? :))

My reply:

Yes, it's DOSBox ported to javascript and running in a browser.

Regarding old games - no, I play new games sometimes, too: I played Fallout 3 soon after it was released - I completed it in 3 days - it was quite happy time in my life. But old games, on contrary, I can't complete that fast.

And now I'm waiting for GTA V to be released on PC, since I enjoyed playing GTA 2 and 3. I also will need to buy a new PC for that, since last time I upgraded it just enough to play Morrowind. :-)