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Explore data about all countries in the world since 1800

Gapminder is a website with a lot of data about all countries in the world, collected and ready to be presented in an easy-to understand way on a "live" graph:

To show progress over time, the graph can be "played" - circles will be moving, optionally leaving a trace behind them; or horizontal axis can be set to show time if you're interested in less data.

Amount of available indicators is tremendous: starting from income per person and life expectancy all the way to age at first marriage, amount of dollar billionaires per million people, and working hours per week. Although not all data is available for all countries at all times, it's still huge!

Pretty impressive. I believe everyone willing to see our world on a large scale: where we're now, how we get here, and where we might be heading to, should definitely have a deep look at this website!