How I started working at reMarkable

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Due to reorganisation at my previous place of work, several people were offered to leave, including me.

So again, like previous time, I went on spree of sending my CV to all barely-relevant positions (mostly QA and DevOps), barely checking what the company is about.

One company name, however, I recognized, because about a year before that we bought my wife a reMarkable 2 tablet - a nice device with paper-like eInk screen - for making notes, reading ebooks, and leaving marks in them. Little did we know back then, that in one year I will be applying for a position there!

Interesting coincidence: when I was looking for a job for the first time, I applied three times in a row to the same company, until they hired me. This time I coincidentally did almost the same - applied to three different positions, although at the same time: QA, DevOps, and C++ (build) engineer. For the last one I had the least hopes (it sounded like a position for a C++ programmer, and what kind of C++ programmer am I? Last time I was C++ programming back in high school!), but, against all odds, it was the position where I ended up getting the job. I'm not even sure if other positions even considered me!

Turns out, this was a position for a C++ build engineer, with focus on maintaining build system - exactly what I was doing here at CFEngine! A bit of C++ knowledge was desired, but on a level enough to parse logs, stacktraces, and to know what error message to search at Google - exactly what I was doing here at CFEngine!

The hiring process was pretty close to described on their website:

All these steps happened pretty fast: one week I had introductory interview and got a homework assignment, second week I had everything else. After that it took over a week, however, for reMarkable to come back to me with an offer.

So please keep this in mind if someone applying for a position at reMarkable reads this: delays might happen!