How to selectively clean history in Google Chrome

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To remove, say, histroy of browing Facebook from work computer.

As a follow-up for similar post about Opera browser, here are instructions on cleaning your history in Chrome:

  1. Open history page (Ctrl+H on Linux and Windows)

  2. Type in search field

  3. Note the absence of "select all" button, which we will emulate in the next step

  4. Press Ctrl+Shift+I - DevTool will appear

  5. Go to "Console" tabe and paste this:

    $$('* /deep/ #checkbox[aria-checked="false"]').map(a=>
  6. Hit Enter - it will print some number back to you and you will see some checkboxes to be checked

  7. Scroll lower - you will see that not all checkboxes were checked

  8. In Console, press Arrow Up button and Enter again

  9. It will again print a number and select some checkboxes for you

  10. Keep repeating the command until it prints 0

  11. Verify that all checkboxes are checked (if not - issue the command when unchecked checkboxes are still on the screen)

  12. Click Delete and see al your history gone!