space 1d 3: Making ship yours

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The game is playable now!

My original plan to make a game which will be more fun to make than to play failed: the game feels rather fun.

Now it has starbases, which give you missions to deliver some cargo to a next starbase. Upon delivery, you receive a nice reward: either number of guns and fuel equal to number of boxes you deliver; or a single random component to extend your ship, if you delivered all cargo you were asked. Note that it's not a big deal if if you fail the mission (lose cargo) - the base will forgive you and give a new mission.

Another visible addition is space docks, which allow you to reorder ship components, and together with aggressive auto-save trying to make the ship feel like yours.

Also, AI became smarter and attacks player only if it has more guns.

To help progressing faster, most of questions have an answer marked as default. This way, just by repeatedly hitting the <space> key on your keyboard (pun intended), you can progress faster.