space 1d 4: Trading and bluffing

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more choices

The game is getting harder now. When seeing a ship from a distance, instead of just two "approach" and "ignore" buttons, now we have three: "approach aggressively", "approach peacefully", and "avoid contact", latter being a better phrased "ignore".

Aggressive approach doesn't require shooting, unlike actual attack - so you can actually bluff - aggressively approach a stronger opponent being covered in cloaks and see if they get scared (in curent version, AI doesn't have emotions and calmly assesses the situation based on what they can see).

Another option is a peaceful approach (implying trade interest). In that case AI checks what cargo they would like to have and suggests an exchange (it wants to have same ratio of rockets/fuel as guns/engines). You can accept their offer completely or partially.

It would be interesting to have few more types of cargo, but I'm not sure which.