space2d2 2: Portals

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One star is good, but more stars is better

This version introduces portals, as a way to navigate from one star to another.

Idea is that you're located in a single star system, and can see its neighbours. You can look at them by clicking highlighted portals. Dim portals lead to other star systems, which you can't see.

This is because in "hard" mode (where you can't cross your path) your options regarding what star to travel to depend on what path you take while travelling though a star system, and what side of map you end up after visiting its planets. So you are expected to cosider neighbouring stars when planning you trip through the current system.

As of now, there's no such limitation, and you can simply use highlighted portals to look around, pick a star system you like, and press the button to move there.

Note how you can "see" previousely unknown stars, and those which are now too far become unknown! Also, if they become visible again - they will be different. That's because, well, travelling through space takes a lot of time, and a lot might change during this time...

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