space2d3 1: a bigger game about flat space

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Idea it to make a mix of space1d and space2d2 games (I'm not very good at naming things)

You will be able to travel from planet to planet, buy and sell stuff (or, rather, exchange / barter things) - like in space2d2 game, but also have components and fight other ships - like in space1d game!

Biggest change will be probably ability to have a two-dimensional ship. But basically it's just several vertical "rows" of components, connected together by a single bridge called "passage".

Below you can have a look at some random ships, also save and load them to your localStorage. Each cell has coordinates, like A1, and can be either Cargo Bay (C), or a Ballast (B). Ballast is added automatically to counter-weight components on the other side of the ship (that's why ships look symmetrical and nice).

Your Ship