space2d3 2: walking and (de)taching

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Now you can walk on your ship... And others, too

The window where you can see your ship became smaller, so now you have to walk around it in order to see the whole picture. To do this, use WASD keys (I'm assuming you're using desktop computer, not a mobile phone). If they don't work - focus the webpage, check your keyboard language and state of CapsLock key.

Also, now you can check what's in those cargo containers all over your ship. Moreover, you can dock to other ships, and explore their containers, too! To undock from a ship, use "Undock" button available when you're in Airlock. You'll be automatically docked to a new random ship in 5 seconds.

Your Ship
Space to store come cargo.
It contains:
    It is empty
    Dead weight added here to compensate component on the other side
    Helps you walk around the ship.
    Hint: use WASD to walk around. If it doesn't work - click here, change keyboard language to English or disable CapsLock
    Lets you get from one ship to another. You can also your ship from theirs.