space2d3 4: Flying from planet to planet

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Now you can participate in "useless activity" together with outher ships

When looking at radar, your ship is surrounded by circles. Number of circles equals to number of radars your ship has, and you see some ships - each Cloak device other ship has negates one Radar device on your ship, so they will be able to come closer until you see them.

You might also notice a bug that even though the base has a radar, too, it still uses your ship radars to find other ships! This will be fixed later: each individual radar will have power of only a single radar, and to make use of multiple radars you'll have to use a Radar Computer. Or maybe there will be a way to upgrade radars?

As a bonus, the game also has a calendar. One in-game day takes one second of real time. Game starts on 1st of January, year 3000. Happy new year!

(day )
Space to store come cargo.
It contains:
    It is empty
    Extra weight added here to compensate component on the other side
    Helps you walk around the ship.
    Hint: use WASD to walk around. If it doesn't work - click here, change keyboard language to English or disable CapsLock
    Lets you get from one ship to another.
    You need to have a planned trip before you can undock.
    You can to start your trip.
    Here you can see your current star system:
    Makes your ship harder to detect and scan