Strange games

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A website with a provoking name features funny games

Link: Due to provocative name this site should be blocked in Russia.


a.k.a. "Mario with a Portal gun".

Must-see for fans of either of these two games (Mario and Portal). Must-play for fans of both of these games! I'm fan of neither of these games, but still "WOW" on it :)

Not Tetris 2

a.k.a. "Real physics tetris".

Not to be mixed up with Hell Tetris (yes there are playable versions of this, too). Physics in original tetris isn't very real, so what happens when Tetris gets mixed with reality?


Their website features another (less interesting, to my taste) games, which you still can check out: "Not Pacman" for all Pacman fans (and gravity lovers) and "Ortho Robot" for those who likes solving quests.