The Mother of All Demos

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RIP Douglas Engelbart, the person who shaped the modern computing. Oh, and a computer mouse.

The Mother of All Demos was a result of a research project aimed at improving human intellect by employing computers and finding "what if you had a computer at your desk?". Remind you, at that time everyone else was using punch cards and saw computers as big calculators:

You get in line for your turn to feed your data and instructions into a computer, and crunch, crunch, crunch, for hours and hours, it would work those calculations, and come back with results punched out on some 'punch cards' or 'paper tape' and then the computer would forget you ever asked because it had hardly any memory or disk space

(Quote from kids page - good tl;dr summary on the subject)

Wikipedia article on the subject says that this demo showed such concepts of modern computers as: windows, hypertext, graphics, efficient navigation and command input, video conferencing, the computer mouse, word processing, dynamic file linking, revision control, and a collaborative real-time editor

Wonder how many IT gems we can find in there. Worth watching?

Date of this article is set to the day when Douglas Engelbart - great visionary, father of computer mouse and inventor of modern computer interfaces - passed away. Without you, we wouldn't have not only computer mouse, but the whole computer interfaces would be much different. God only knows how many IT engineers were inspired by your ideas.