Why isn’t PSR.exe well known?

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Short memo about a good program

Screenshot of the program

An article at dipanmpatel.com cached version (the site is gone) told me about a useful Windows program.

When you want to show someone how to do something, you can either write a very wordy explanation (hoping that the recepient has patience to read through it), or try to make a lot of screenshots and spice them up with some words.

Windows application called PSR.exe (shipped in Windows 7+) is suited to make your life easier with that. Aimed at simple users (the tool's name is acronym for Problem Steps Recorder), it is as easy as two buttons: clicking first button starts recording, clicking second finishes recording and saves a ZIP file with screenshots and a small textual description of what was clicked.

Pretty useful if you're an IT guy and want to help someone explain you what's wrong. Or if you want to make a tutorial – then it can be a good starting point.